Benjamin Bayu is a powerful figurehead you can meet in Starfield while you explore Neon. There are several missions where you encounter him, and although he might not be physically intimidating, his power and wealth makes him strong. During the Guilty Party’s mission, he grants you free passage through Syndicate territory, but only if you do a job for him: Stealing Kumiho’s Slate.

The job is complicated because you’ll have to sneak around the Syndicate base without being seen, and then grab the Slate. If you get caught, all Syndicate members become hostile to you, and things become much more complicated. However, you do have the option to Persuade Benjamin of not doing the job. Should you steal Kumiho’s Slate for Benjamin Bayu in Starfield’s Guilty Parties mission?

What Happens If You Persuade Benjamin Bayu in Guilty Parties?

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When you approach Benjamin Bayu to ask for his permission to enter the Syndicate territory, he’s taken aback, but he’s willing to work with you. However, he does stress that your Starfield character should not expect to do anything negative towards the Syndicate while there. So long as the person you aim to grab, Imogene, leaves, the two of you stand to gain something.

However, he does attempt to pressure you to steal Kumiho’s Slate. The only way you can get out of doing it is if you can convince him that the two of you are already both benefitting from the current deal. If you can complete the Persuade mini-game, he’ll allow you to enter Syndicate territory, and you can complete it without having to do anything more for the Guilty Parties mission in Starfield.

What Happens If You Steal Kumiho’s Slate for Benjamin Bayu in Starfield?

The alternative is to accept the job from Benjamin Bayu. Your goal will be to steal Kumiho’s Slate while visiting the Syndicate base. As you might expect, they won’t appreciate you sticking your nose into any of their business, and that means you’ll have to sneak around to find it while also trying to get Imogene, but you can save that until the end.

How to Find Kumiho’s Slate in the Syndicate Hideout

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To track down Kumiho’s Slate, you must enter the Syndicate Hideout and remain on the first floor. You’ll see an open door that says Secure Access. Proceed to this area where several Syndicates are working, with weapons everywhere. Proceed to the second floor and then turn to the right. Continue following this path until you pass the two Syndicate guards. Now, you need to climb up to the rafters above you. Thankfully, the guards are not bothered by this, so you don’t need to hide.

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From the rafters, look for the vents in the center of the room. I was sneaking with my Starfield character when I did this, but I don’t believe this is a requirement. You can unlock the vents and proceed inside. You’ll want to keep to the left and look for the second pair of vents you can open.

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When you find it, continue through vents until you find an open hatch and fall. It’s important to note that Kumiho is inside this room, so double-check that you can find her location and make sure your character is hiding. Kumiho might see them. Now, wait until Kumiho gets to her desk and then approaches it, and you’ll find her Slate on the right side of her table. So long as your Starfield character is sneaking, she should not hear you, and you can grab the Slate.

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The last thing you must do for the Guilty Parties mission is grab Imogene. This will be the mission that the Syndicate allowed you to enter their hideout for, so you shouldn’t have a problem walking up to the base to grab her before leaving.

Is It Better to Steal Kumiho’s Slate or Persuade Benjamin Bayu in Starfield?

Between the two options, it’s possible that stealing Kumiho’s Slate might come back to you. Benjamin Bayu is not something to be easily trusted, and he’s likely looking for an angle that he can use in the future, especially given how his character is portrayed in Starfield. For my playthrough, I completed Benjamin’s mission and stole Kumiho’s Slate for me. However, the task does go smoothly without completing this for him.

I imagine the consequences of stealing the Slate for Benjamin will appear at the end of the Ryujin Towers mission, similar to how it works with the other faction missions in Starfield.

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