Mayuren Naidoo, an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player from the United Kingdom, spent over a year visiting all of the museum’s works in real life.

In total, Naidoo travelled to 10 countries and 17 cities to visit nearly 30 museums and galleries to see all 43 artworks that appear in the game.

Animal Crossing has featured the in-game museum in almost every entry in the series, challenging the player to complete the entire collection to learn more about real life paintings, sculptures, fossils, fish, deep sea creatures and insects.

Fellow fans have expressed their astonishment and admiration for the player, complimenting his commitment to learning more about the world’s most famous works. Some joked that Naidoo got to see the legitimate versions of the paintings and sculptures as the character Redd can trick the player into purchasing fakes on the black market.

Once each section of the museum is completed, the player is awarded realistic posters of all of its additions and a museum model to display in their house. The Roost, a coffee shop where characters will be found chatting and relaxing, is built into the museum after the player meets Brewster on one of the game’s mystery islands.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons received its last update in 2021, only one year after its release for the Nintendo Switch. The update made major changes to the game, like the expansion of Harv’s Island, the return of Gyroids, and 16 new and returning villagers.

Coinciding with the launch of the last update was the arrival of Happy Home Paradise, an expansion that tasked players with the design of various characters’ holiday homes.

In other gaming news, Annapurna Animation announced a Stray animated adaptation that will tap into the “buddy comedy” setup of the game as well as its “hopepunk” influences.

By mrtrv