Burden of Proof is a quest in Starfield that players will unlock early on with the Crimson Fleet. It requires them to hunt down evidence of the group’s activities so that UC authorities can track down members and arrest them.

The problem is that evidence is difficult to find because players get this quest way ahead of when they can find the evidence. This guide explains how to find the evidence needed for Burden of Proof and what players need to do to get to it.

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All Burden of Proof Evidence Locations in Starfield

There are a few pieces of evidence that players need to turn in for the Burden of Proof quest in Starfield. Below, we’ve outlined how to find each one so players can gather them as they explore and try to smash the quest out quickly should they want to.

***This guide is in progress and will be updated with more pieces of evidence as we locate them in Starfield.***

How to Find Carter’s Gig Evidence in Echoes of the Past in Starfield

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The evidence players need to acquire to complete the Burden of Proof quest in Starfield is located in a locker in the Lock prison facility. Players will visit this area as part of the Echoes of the Past mission for the Crimson Fleet while undercover for the UC.

After unlocking all the cells to find everything available in the Echoes of the Past mission, players will come across a small shower block in the left-hand side of the prison. There’s a locker here that players must use a Digipick to get into that contains a Slate called Carter’s Gig (Evidence).

After picking this item up, the Burden of Proof quest will update, asking players to return it to the UC Vigilance. Once they’ve launched off-world in the Echoes of the Past quest, they can travel straight to the UC Vigilance to deliver the evidence.

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We felt we were a bit hasty in flying to the UC Vigilance before completing Echoes of the Past. This meant that we accidentally took a Crimson Fleet companion across five or so systems directly into one of the UC fleet’s biggest and most important ships. However, he didn’t seem that bothered that a supposed pirate recruit took him there, and the UC didn’t even glance his way. All he cared about was having a drink.

After handing in each piece of evidence, players will still have the Burden of Proof quest in their quest log. This indicates that they need to find more evidence and turn it in for the UC authorities to use against the Crimson Fleet.

How to Find Voss’ Parts and Jasmine Durand’s Parts List Evidence in the Key in Starfield

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There are two pieces of Evidence on the Key, the home of the Crimson Fleet, for the Burden of Proof quest in Starfield. The first is a Slate next to Delgado’s personal computer. The computer is in Delgado’s command center, which is on the upper level within the main command center room where players meet him for the first time.

Players need to climb the stairs to the upper level and enter the room there. Inside, they’ll see a computer on the left-hand side. This is Delgado’s personal computer and contains some interesting files on his motivations for heading down to Lock early in the Crimson Fleet quest line.

The evidence for the Burden of Proof mission is to the left of Delgado’s computer. It’s on a stand above the monitoring station, flashing green to grab the player’s attention. This piece of evidence is called Voss’ Parts (Evidence) and is a list of things a character needed at one point in time. Once players pick up the list, the Burden of Proof quest will update to have players deliver it right away, but we recommend getting one more piece of evidence before heading out.

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The second piece of evidence players can find for the Burden of Proof quest in the Key in Starfield is in Jasmine Durand’s office. This location is close to where players first meet her during the opening quest for the Crimson Fleet when she was fixing a door. She runs the ship services desk for the Key, and is where players outfit their ships and buy new ones, close to the entrance of the main Key atrium.

The evidence is to the right of Jasmine Durand’s computer. The Slate blends in with all the parts here, so it’s easy to miss, but it’ll flash up with the “(evidence)” tag when players hover over it. This is Jasmine Durand’s Parts List, and it’s an audio file in which she speaks about how the UC is helping keep the Key afloat.

How to Find the Two Pieces of Evidence on the Trident Starliner, Siren of the Stars, in Starfield

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After completing the first stage of the Echoes of the Past mission, players will be directed by both the Crimson Fleet and the UC authorities to a Trident Starliner called Siren of the Stars. There are two pieces of evidence for the Burden of Proof quest that players can acquire here, and they’re easily missed.

The Starliner is where the Earth Savior Award is being held, which the Crimson Fleet wants, but the real goal of this part of the quest is information. For the most part, players just need to follow the quest’s main objectives in this quest.

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Once players enter the ballroom of the Siren of the Stars, they can head off to find the first piece of evidence in this location. They need to head back into the crew quarters of the ship and find the Captain’s Room. This is the fanciest room with a big bed with red sheets on. The evidence, which is a Slate, can be found on the shelves to the left-hand side of the bed.

It’s also possible to speak to the Chief Purser and persuade them to tell the character about this evidence. We failed this persuasion check but still managed to find the evidence since Rokov gives players access to all areas of the ship.

speaking to gabriel vera on the siren of th estars in starfield
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The second piece of evidence comes from a character, Gabriel Vera. Players must follow the main objectives, speaking to three people in the ballroom to get dirt on Dumbrosky, then find Rokov and work with him to trigger a life support failure. Once this has been done, players can enter every cabin on the ship, not just Dumbrosky’s.

At this point, players need to head to Gabriel Vera’s room and confront him. It’s possible to persuade him to hand over the evidence needed for the Burden of Proof quest, but we had to pay him 2,500 Credits to get it. The item players get is called GalBank Plan (Evidence).

After taking both pieces of evidence, players are free to do whatever they want to finish the mission. We don’t recommend even trying to kill Dumbrosky because we were slammed by security as soon as we did, and even loading a save file from just before our attack resulted in a bug where security hounded us regardless.

How to Start Burden of Proof in Starfield

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To start the Burden of Proof quest in Starfield, players need to follow the second mission they get from the Vanguard after joining the faction, Deep Cover. This sees them link up with the UC authorities and infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. Burden of Proof will be added to the player’s quest log after getting all the information they need from the UC Vanguard.

How to Start Echoes of the Past in Starfield

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Players will start the Echoes of the Past quest in Starfield once they’ve proven their worth to their Crimson Fleet contact. This requires them to complete Rook Meets King and hunt down a member who attempted to leave the group and kill them.

Since the player is undercover for this mission, it’s possible to spare the ex-Crimson Fleet member by convincing their captain that they need to turn them in to UC authorities. Whether players kill the ex-member or not, they’ll be invited to the Key where they can meet up with and attempt to join the Crimson Fleet.

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