• Haunting new Spider-Man fanart unites two terrifying variants, Man-Spider and Spiders-Man, in a scary team-up that will give fans nightmares.
  • The fanart depicts the gruesome features of these horror versions of Spider-Man, with shadowy visuals and unsettling red eyes that make them appear bloodthirsty.
  • With its horror twist, this artwork has the potential to inspire an official Marvel story featuring Man-Spider and Spiders-Man in a pure horror comic, making it a dream come true for fans.

Haunting new Spider-Man fanart unites two of the scariest Spider variants for an unexpected team-up. The Spider-Verse is undoubtedly the best-known multiverse in Marvel’s ever-expanding catalog, giving people of varying backgrounds an opportunity to become what Spider-Man represents: an every-person who relates to everyone. However, there have been some terrifying additions to the Spider-Verse, and now two of these horror variants are teaming up in a scary fanart that will haunt fans’ dreams for years.

Raza, also known as @rxzarx, took to social media recently to share a piece of fanart that’s absolute nightmare fuel. It features two Spider-Man variants known as Man-Spider and Spiders-Man standing next to each other in an absolutely uncanny artstyle. Man-Spider is a mutated version of Peter Parker that essentially turned him into a gigantic feral spider monster. Spiders-Man, on the other hand, is a disgusting nightmare creation made up of a collective consciousness of spiders believing themselves to be Peter Parker. These horrific variants are some of the most gruesome versions of Spider-Man in the multiverse, and Raza unleashes their unlimited potential through this amazing artwork.

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Man-Spider and Spiders-Man Look Like They’re Straight Out of a Horror Movie

The highlight of this fanart is its style. Raza depicts these two heroes in a way that feels absolutely horrific. The shadows are overtaking the bright colors of Spider-Man’s signature outfit. They’re letting their gruesome features that set them apart from other Spider-People go on full display. What’s even worse, though, is the eyes: Raza highlights them with an unsettling red that makes them appear bloodthirsty, giving the piece an impeccable attention to detail. The huge red eyes on Man-Spider and the tiny eyes of each collective spider on Spiders-Man are just unsettling and are enough to make any arachnophobe wince when looking at it. In short, this depiction of these characters showcases just why they are some of the Spider-Verse’s most frightening creations.

The best thing about Raza’s artwork is that they captured these two creatures in such a way that it will make fans demand an official story of the two with this very artstyle. Man-Spider and Spiders-Man lend themselves to telling superhero stories with a horror twist, so seeing them team-up with this unsettling style could make it one of the most sought out stories from Marvel, especially around Halloween. It would be an incredible opportunity to get these two together as they terrorize the multiverse along with other nightmare variants including the dreaded “reverse” Spider-Man, Patton Parnel. There’s so much potential for these characters, and giving them an opportunity to shine in a pure horror comic would be a dream come true.

Man-Spider and Spiders-Man Need an Official Team-Up with This Style

Man-Spider and Spiders-Man

Until the day comes when Man-Spider and Spiders-Man go on their own terrifying adventure, Raza’s work is an incredible way to speculate just how a horror story featuring them would work. They capture what makes these characters so beloved while emphasizing why fans would never want to come across them in a dark alley. This redesign of these terrifying variants is absolutely perfect and something that will have Spider-Man fans eccentric over the idea of a story featuring the two inspired by this haunting fanart.

Source: Raza

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