Seiko will release its first Transformers watch on January 10, 2024. Pre-orders are already available. Since Seiko will only make and release 300 watches, it may be better to purchase one if you’re interested in as early as possible as supplies are limited. The watch will cost 59,400 JPY, which is around $405.55. [Thanks, Dengeki Hobby!]

The Transformers watch from Seiko has the same color scheme as Optimus Prime, with a red face and blue chronographs. The Autobot emblem is in the 12 spot. Both the hands and the hour indicators can glow in the dark. Other than the face, Transformers motifs are everywhere on the watch. The little dials at the side have energon cubes on them, and the Transformers logo (including the serial number) is on the back.

Previously, Seiko partnered with Capcom to make Resident Evil watches. These watches cost over $2000 each. Other collaboration watches that Seiko released that are around the Transformers watch’s price point include a Hatsune Miku one and a Space Invaders one. These watches boast familiar color schemes and symbols much like the Optimus Prime watch.

The Optimus Prime Transformers watch from Seiko is open for pre-order. It’ll come out on January 10, 2024. Seiko will only produce 300 watches. You can purchase it from U-Treasure, which offers international shipping.

By mrtrv