Retro Game Challenge GameCenter CX will come out on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. It combines both the first and second GameCenter CX games, which were originally released on the Nintendo DS, into one collection. A limited edition of the game will also be available, which will include an original DVD of clips like Arino’s Challenge.

You can watch the trailer for Retro Game Challenge GameCenter CX here:

The game lets you play retro games from the perspective of children in the 1980’s. There are even gaming magazines that you can flip through, with tips on the back for difficult titles. As you play, you’ll steadily unlock newer generations of consoles. In total, there are over twenty original retro-style games that you can enjoy in Retro Game Challenge GameCenter CX.

Retro Game Challenge originally came out in 2007 in Japan. An English version came out in 2009. In Japanese, the title is Arino’s Challenge. In the game, you take on the role of a kid who has to play retro games in order to appease Demon Arino. This is a riff on Shinya Arino, who is a Japanese comedian and actor. He is also the star of gaming variety show, GameCenter CX. Only the first game was localized and released worldwide.

Retro Game Challenge GameCenter CX will come out in Japan some time in the future. It will also be at TGS 2023. There is no information on a Western release.

By mrtrv