How many of us, at some point in our life, have begged for a dog? For one woman, getting her very own puppy was just too much as her boyfriend recorded her emotionally falling apart after receiving her heart’s desire and honestly, we think many people who have been surprised have felt similarly.

The video was posted to @stuartthegoldenwe’s account on TikTok. It is the first video on the account now dedicated to the newest member of their family, a little Dachshund, affectionately referred to as a Weenie dog. The dog was presented as a gift to the video recorder’s girlfriend Jenna, who, overwhelmed by the surprise immediately starts to disrobe, taking off her blue scrub top and curling up on the floor, saying “I can’t breathe, I’m gonna pass out, I’m gonna pass out.”


After 2 straight years of daily begging, thousands of dm’s of puppies and relentless bartering, 1 finally caved. If you know Jenna you know how much she wanted this day to come. Thanks to everyone who kept the surprise a secret and thanks to the 3 people who almost blew up the entire operation but managed to keep it together. Please swipe right to enjoy Jenna losing her mind. Welcome home Stuart #fyp #puppy #golden #weiner #emotional #surprise

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So overwhelmed is Jenna, that she cannot even bring herself to look at the latest addition to their family and instead hyperventilates on the floor. Her boyfriend instead is tasked with revealing to us the audience that he has indeed gotten her a little golden Dachshund puppy and places it next to her. Jenna continues to take sobbing breaths as she continues to struggle to contain her emotions.

Though Jenna does not faint in the video, it is a very real response to heightened emotions, so (as someone who looks as if she works in healthcare) lying down was perhaps the best thing she could have done as falling could have resulted in injury and this also helps keep you from fainting in the first place. Extreme excitement can cause fainting and is known as vasovagal syncope.

According to the Mayo Clinic, this happens when,

“the part of your nervous system that controls your heart rate and blood pressure overreacts to an emotional trigger. Your heart rate slows, and your blood vessels widen. In turn, that causes your blood pressure to drop. When that happens, your body cannot deliver the blood your brain needs, and you lose consciousness.”

Luckily, for Jenna, she did not faint, though, as shown in a second video posted to the account, she does continue to remain unable to do anything but hold onto her beloved dog and cry for a further hour.

The puppy, named Stuart, has now amassed quite the following on TikTok with the account currently standing at 144.4 thousand followers. Fans can see updates on Stuart’s journey and how Jenna is still in love with her dream gift as she was when she received him, though thankfully her breathing is now under control!

By mrtrv