Starfield has a lot of quests for players to find and complete, with some having multiple outcomes. For The Showdown quest, this involves deciding which gang you want to side with.

After helping the Strikers get prepared for a comeback attack, you are presented with a chance to betray them to help their rivals, the Disciples, or you can stay the course and stay loyal to the Strikers. But which of these outcomes is the best?

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Getting Involved with the Gangs

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Unlike most side quests you can pick up while exploring or overhearing NPCs, this one is in a specific location from the NPC Digger Zemin, who you can find in Ebbside. If you come out of the spaceport elevator into Neon Core, go left, and do a 180 turn to head out to Ebbside via the door right in front of you, you see them sitting down just to the left like a beggar.

After talking with them, they will detail the gang rivalry and the Strikers being held up in Madame Sauvage’s Place. Head inside, speak to Andrea, and they will take you to the boss, Briggs, where you can agree to help and start the quest chain. From there, it’s pretty simple quests; the first, The Audition, involves going to a warehouse and stealing a Disciples slate, while the second, Display of Power, has you hacking some terminals across Neon to display the gang’s logo. After these, it’s time for the showdown.

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Now with the gang ready to fight back, you are tasked with taking out some groups of Disciples around Ebbside to help prepare for a final attack. Before this, you have the optional task of getting some better armor for the crew, which involves going to Newill Goods and asking to buy armor for the gang. It costs 8000, but you can persuade them to get it to 5000 and can be helpful for later.

Whether you do this or not, you head around Ebbside’s upper platforms and have three groups to deal with; the first in the middle can be persuaded to leave or be killed, and the ones to the left will attack on sight, so expect a gunfight. As for the last group found off to the right by some wire fencing, they will have an offer for you.

Siding with the Disciples

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As you approach the last group, a man named Holt will step up, talk to you, and make you an offer: Help kill the Strikers for a nice amount of Credits, or die.

If you decide to side with the Disciples and take the offer, you’ll then need to head back to Madame Sauvage’s Place, head into the gang area upstairs, and kill all the members, including Briggs, Andrea, Vogal, and Hatchet, which will end the quest. This will reward you the Street Sweeper Rare Pistol, 100 EXP, and 6000 Credits.

Siding with the Strikers

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If you stay loyal and decline the deal with the Disciples, you’ll enter a gunfight with the group, and once you are done dealing with them, you’ll head over to a nearby warehouse, where you will find the Strikers ready to make the final move. You talk to Briggs, and he will ask if you want to go in alone or with the gang. Either way, you can then head into the warehouse and take out all the Disciples inside.

Once that’s done, Owen Dexler and Neon Security will show up, with Dexler coming to make an offer to the Strikers. He offers to bring them in and make them Neon Security so they can deal with the Disciples and help protect their interests (by this point, you will know Neon Security is corrupt, so this won’t be a surprise.) You can then talk with Briggs to help him decide, though, in the end, they take the deal.

This option is the better of the two, as you will earn 10000 Credits, 100 EXP, and still get the Street Sweeper weapon, as well as being refunded for the armor if you chose to purchase it. Plus, add to this all the loot, EXP, and Credits you will have from killing or persuading Disciples, and you’ll end up with a decent amount of rewards for helping the Strikers find a way out of the rough streets of Ebbside.

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