While exploring New Atlantis in Starfield, players can stumble upon Enhance, a facility that allows people to completely change their appearance if that’s their desire. Such a business takes patient confidentiality very seriously, though that doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as a mistake.

Enhance is where players can pick up the Beautiful Secrets quest, which will task them with visiting a few local stores in search of a Slate with some pretty important data. This guide explains how to complete the quest, where each location is, and where to find that slate.

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How to Start Beautiful Secrets in Starfield

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To start Beautiful Secrets in Starfield, players must visit the Commercial District in New Atlantis. Once there, they need to find the Enhance facility, which is nestled among a few other stores opposite the main news building.

The quest won’t trigger automatically. Players need to speak to the owner of Enhance, Warner Connell. The dialogue options that start the quest are the ones to do with patient confidentiality. They’ll put Walter on edge, and after pushing him on the second choice, he’ll blurt out that he’s made a mistake and lost patient data on his Slate, and then the quest will begin.

How to Find Terrabrew, Whetstone, and The Valberg Building in Starfield

After starting the Beautiful Secrets quest in Starfield, players will need to search three locations for Warren’s lost Slate. These are Terrabrew, Whetstone, and The Valberg Building. The game doesn’t add any quest markers for these locations, so players must find them themselves. We’ve outlined where each one is below and, luckily, they’re close to Enhance.

Terrabrew Location

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The local Terrabrew players must search for the Beautiful Secrets quest in Starfield is up the first ramp in the center of the Commercial District in New Atlantis. It’s positioned halfway up the ramp system so that citizens can easily stop there for a quick coffee. We searched all the tables here and couldn’t see Walter’s Slate.

Whetstone Location

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Whetstone is a fancy restaurant that’s on the upper level in the Commercial District in New Atlantis. Players will see it on their right as they ascend the ramp and go past Terrabrew. Inside Whetstone, players will find a few tables where patrons can sit.

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It’s at one of these where we found Walter’s Slate and picked it up. Once collected, it’s possible to head back to Walter to complete the quest.

The Valberg Building Location

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The Valberg Building is next door to Whetstone, at the top of the ramp to the upper level in the Commercial District in New Atlantis. Inside, there’s little to do apart from going up the elevator to the Argos Extractors company offices. This is the company the player character worked for at the start of Starfield’s story. The only real places to search for Walter’s Slate here are the lobby or the main Argos office, but there are very few places it could be.

In our experience, Walter’s Salte is always found at Whetstone. However, we’re unsure if the location is randomized, which is why we’ve explained above where each location is and where the Slate may be found in them. If the Slate doesn’t appear in Whetstone, try the other locations and look where we’ve suggested.

After returning the Slate to Walter, players are rewarded with 1,000 Credits and 100 XP. Walter promises that he’ll be there for any plastic surgery needs in the future, though we’re not sure we’d trust him given that he just asked a complete stranger to track down confidential information.

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