At this rate, Taylor Swift might reprogramme the few who still remember she acted in Cats, a movie that even feline lovers strongly despised.

By now, the “Bad Blood” singer releasing a concert film covering her Eras tour is common news, but what you might not know yet are the many records it has already broken and the ones it is primed to achieve the minute it lands in theaters. From scaring three film studios to prepone, postpone, and outright remove their films from the calendar to trumping the pre-sales — with a record-breaking $37 million — of every film to date except Avengers: Endgame to already eyeing a $100 million opening weekend (something that no concert film has achieved yet), The Eras Tour has been having a ripple effect across the world of music and cinema.

The domino effect of Swift’s new announcement has once again underlined in bold that the singer is a force to be reckoned with.

There is no denying that while there are many celebrities out there whose most minor life updates can take over the world, Swift remains one of the rare names that can dominate multiple spheres with ease.

Mind you, The Eras Tour and its magnificent protagonist aren’t even remotely done claiming milestones and smashing records. The film has more than a month before it finally hits theaters on Oct. 13 — no one will be surprised even if it completely rewrites the history of human existence.

By mrtrv