Vae Victis is alive after all of these years, and the hardened war criminal has requested to speak with you personally. Quite the way to celebrate just becoming a UC Citizen, but nonetheless, you’ve now been given a mission by one of the Colony War’s greatest villains.

Reginald Orlase, a fugitive wanted by the United Colonies, has been discovered hiding out in the Wolf star system. More accurately, he terrorizes those looking to salvage the wreckage of the Etherea Ruins. And due to his mysterious presence and refusal to respond to hails, scavengers visiting The Den often refer to Orlase as “The Warlock.”

Is it possible to reason with this madman? After spending so much time in space, away from human contact, can you convince Orlase to turn himself in?

Can You Stop Reginald Orlase From Dying?

starfield Reginald orlase dead
Screenshot by Gamepur

In short, no, there is no way to actually arrest or save Reginald Orlase during the Devil’s You Know questline.

Despite Deputy MacIntyre making it clear the best outcome is for Orlase to be brought to justice – and several other dialogue options making it seem like a possibility – Reginald will always end his own life the moment players take a step in his ship.

You can board his ship and wait around indefinitely as long as you don’t move, but the moment you step toward the cockpit, the kill sequence will activate. We scoured the ship looking for a solution, attempted speedrunning to the door, and disabled different systems on the ship before the engines. None of it worked, and that’s to be expected.

starfield The Warlock
Screenshot by Gamepur

If you read Orlase’s personal computer logs, he received a message from an anonymous source telling him to end his life if anyone attempted to bring him in. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life in a cell, he chooses a painful-sounding way out.

You may not be able to stop Orlase, but attempting to arrest him does unlock a few unique dialogue options. You can also loot his ship for some pretty sweet gear.

This may seem frustrating at first, but it’s revealed toward the end of the questline why Orlase couldn’t be stopped, as it would have made the storyline a lot shorter.

By mrtrv