Besides being designed for optimum repairability and a long lifespan, Fairphone promises that the Fairphone phone is made up of “70% fair focus or recycled materials.” As far as the battery, for example, it’s described in the promotional copy as having “fair lithium and fairtrade gold in the supply chain and impact cobalt credits, a living wage bonus and a commitment to the highest standards on CO2 reduction and social auditing by our battery supplier.” Fairphone also boasts that the battery frame is 75% post-consumer recycled plastics, the solder paste is 100% recycled tin, and the battery includes 80% recycled steel and nickel alloy.

As far as worker treatment at the plants where the phones are made, Fairphone says that its “main supplier of the Fairphone 5 meets the strictest standards for safe and decent working conditions (SA8000& ISO45001).” In particular, the company says that there’s an emphasis on “paying living wages to increase income, and on strengthening worker voice and representation, as well as health & safety.”

The Fairphone 5 is available for pre-order now from the manufacturer for €699.00.

By mrtrv