It’s clear that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into finishing off “The Equalizer” franchise with a bang, but vomit is a bit excessive. Still, if you’ve ever toured an old, tall European monument, you’ll know exactly how unforgiving the climb can be — even without heavy cameras in tow. According to The Guardian, the “scenic thousand-year-old church sitting atop a hill” ends up integral — either physically or metaphorically — to the film’s climax, so hopefully the gnarly and gut-churning daily treks were worth it. The new film’s Italian backdrop is a majorly ambitious upgrade from the first two entries in the series, which were mostly filmed in Boston.

“The Equalizer 3” (read /Film’s review here) will likely mark the end of Robert McCall’s story, as Fuqua told EW he and Washington discussed the latest movie as if “this would be it.” So could McCall die in “The Equalizer 3”? If he did, it would be for a noble cause, as the latest movie follows him returning from retirement to protect Italian locals in his new home from vicious Mafia men. If McCall goes out in a blaze of glory (perhaps making the ultimate sacrifice in an austere old church?), it could mark the end of a successful and surprisingly long-running trilogy.

You can catch the (probable) end of “The Equalizer” story in theaters now.

By mrtrv