Suits, the legal drama that aired for nine tumultuous seasons, was nominated for all kinds of awards during its run. Although it might now be most famous for one of its actors becoming literal royalty (and then not again), it was remarkably popular (it still is!) while it was airing on the USA Network thanks to its winding storylines, snappy writing, and fantastic cast performances.

The series is set in the fictional New York law firm of Pearson Hardman (later a few other names) and follows superstar lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) as he takes on an associate named Mike (Patrick J. Adams), despite the latter having faked his Harvard degree. Whether you watched all nine captivating seasons and want another fix of Harvey, or are looking to get into the series but want to see if you’ll enjoy it, here are the ten best episodes of Suits!

“25th Hour”

Image via USA Network

The season five finale “25th Hour” is probably the most important episode in the series in terms of plot development as it’s when the consequences of Mike’s lie finally catch up to him. It also does a great job of showing the usually impervious Harvey’s loyalty to his new associate, who tries to prevent his punishment by offering himself up as a sacrifice.

We also saw Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle) tie the knot before he was carted off to prison for his crimes. Aside from resolving the central conflict of the entire show, “25th Hour” also offered plenty of emotional closure for longtime viewers, especially for the important Harvey and Mike relationship. Although the series continued on for another four seasons, the way the series unfolded had to take a different shape.

“Dog Fight”

Image via USA Network

The blistering first season of Suits helped it to gain a loyal fanbase quickly, and they were rewarded with a phenomenal season one finale in “Dog Fight.” The episode sees Harvey attempt to right a wrong and help an innocent man out of prison, only to come up against a stubborn district attorney who would rather preserve the way things are than rock the boat. All the while, Mike is having issues as his childhood friend Trevor has appeared out of nowhere and is seemingly hellbent on causing trouble.

Although it’s mostly a character and relationship-driven drama, Suits shows its procedural chops here by constructing a nifty little mystery that Harvey needs to solve and shows the extreme lengths he’s willing to go to in order to gain justice.

“No Way Out”

Image via USA Network

This season three episode is a masterclass in building tension, with the viewer on edge throughout as we worry that Mike’s house of cards is finally going to collapse.

In the ominously named “No Way Out,” Eric Woodall — a man with an obsession for rooting out dirty lawyers — manages to get the US Attorney’s office to bring in Mike for questioning. However, he doesn’t just stop there as he continues to attack the firm, especially Harvey. All the while Scottie is once again pushed to the sidelines by Harvey, who as always goes all out to hide Mike’s secret. In the end, both Mike and Harvey realize how much they are struggling with the strain of their lies, and how the untruths have put people they care about in the firing line.

“One Last Con”

Image via USA Network

While the Suits pilot really is a thing of beauty, we think the season nine’s last episode i.e., the series finale has so much to give, and is probably the brightest spot in the middling show it became post the sixth season.

In the episode, Harvey is left in an impossible position, where he has to decide whether to save Sam from certain prosecution or lie on the stand. However, with Mike’s help, he and some friends orchestrate one last big lie. After they get away with it, we flash forward to Louis’ wedding day, which is upended by a welcome surprise. The series ends with Harvey joining up with Mike on the other side of the country, with the firm left in the hands of Louis, Sam, Alex, and Katrina. A neat ending to the series makes this episode memorable.

“She Knows”

Image via USA Network

Season two began with the high-powered Jessica taking Mike out to dinner. What Harvey is sure is a way of Jessica showing she’s impressed with Mike turns out to be her sizing him up, as Mike’s old buddy Trevor spilled the beans about Mike’s Harvard lie after he discovered Mike and Jenny’s relationship. Jessica confronts Harvey about Mike and gives her best lawyer an ultimatum: fire Mike or she will.

Harvey, full of grief at what he has to do, readies to get rid of his associate, but when the final moment comes the coolest man in the courtroom loses his nerve. However, Mike’s blissful ignorance is short-lived when Jenny confronts him about kissing Rachel, and reveals Trevor’s betrayal. A breathless episode from start to finish.

“High Noon”

Image via USA Network

If season two began with a bang, then it ended with a supernova. After months of internal politicking, Hardman ascends to managing partner at the firm thanks to Louis, much to the chagrin of Harvey. He and Mike get a little stoned and decide to try and get Hardman back in a childish way, only to find Louis rooting through Harvey’s office late at night. They nearly get into an altercation, and Louis smells the marijuana on the pair.

The next morning he presents Harvey with a drug test in an attempt to get him fired, but Harvey manages to turn it around and oust Hardman (something Louis votes for). All the while, Mike’s grandma’s death sends him off the grid, and his hopes of being with Rachel begin to drift away. A wonderfully constructed episode that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

“This is Rome”

Image via USA Network

What a difference two seasons make. As we saw in the last entry, Louis and Harvey were anything but pals, but by the time season four’s finale came around the two were close enough that Harvey was willing to risk a lot to help his former nemesis out. However, the ever-duplicitous Litt then tries to steal a client, only for Harvey and Mike to come up with a devious scheme to take them back.

As Mike goes to Louis’ office to brag a little, he accidentally reveals a detail that reignites Louis’ suspicions that he faked his degree. After some research, Louis confronts Jessica, using his information about Mike to finally be made partner. The twist ending was the perfect way to cap off this great episode.

“Character and Fitness”

Image via USA Network

The season six finale was a powder keg, tying up loads of loose ends and really marking a massive change in the series. In it, Mike is finally granted a hearing to get his New York law license back, only to come up against staunch opposition from the attorney who prosecuted him when she joins the Bar’s Character and Fitness panel. As always, Harvey and Mike begin scheming to try and get around this issue, but ultimately Jessica comes in and saves the day, managing to blunt the attorney’s weapons while losing nothing in the process.


Image via USA Network

When Pearson Specter Litt is on the verge of losing its most prestigious client, an early warning from the unexpected source of Robert Zane allows them to start working on a game plan to keep him. At the same time, Harvey is desperate to get Mike back in the firm, offering him a position as a legal consultant with a hefty pay cheque to match, leaving him with no option but to make a decision. Jessica and Rachel find themselves trying to save an innocent man from Death Row, and in the process, Jessica realizes she’s done with the firm. A stunning episode with some really powerful moments, and a shocking ending.


Image via USA Network

This episode has everything: drama, intrigue, and lots of juicy backstory that helps viewers understand the characters even more. Season five’s 10th episode digs deep into Mike and Harvey’s history, while we see a political drama play out between Hardman, Jessica, and Louis. After a nail-biting vote, Mike tells Harvey that he thinks it’s time to leave the firm and resigns, only to be picked up by law enforcement as he’s leaving the building with Rachel. A real gut-punch ending to an incredible episode.

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