Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episodes 1 and 2.


  • Ahsoka introduces a new galaxy in the Star Wars franchise, breaking established canon and taking viewers into uncharted territory.
  • The introduction of this new galaxy opens doors for exploring unexplained elements in the Star Wars universe, such as the Nightsisters’ magic powers and the origins of the space-faring species called the purrgil.
  • This move is crucial for revitalizing the franchise, allowing for fresh storylines, new characters, and the potential to answer long-standing questions about the Star Wars universe.

Before Star Wars‘ first opening crawl rolled across the screen, George Lucas introduced audiences to his one core rule of this franchise: that it exists in one galaxy far, far away – but now that has changed, as Disney+’s Ahsoka is taking viewers on a journey into a second galaxy, one that is also far, far away. So far, in fact, Morgan Elsbeth and her cronies had built a massive version of the hyperspace transport rings the Jedi used during the Clone Wars to get to this new galaxy.

Every entertainment franchise evolves, with each release introducing something new or changing something that had been done in the past; Star Wars is no different. Though it was never properly explored on-screen, the Unknown Regions were Disney’s first real attempt at pushing past the boundaries of the known Star Wars galaxy. Exegol was another attempt in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But it wasn’t enough, and after the cliffhanger series finale of Star Wars Rebels, in which Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger disappeared after jumping into hyperspace, there was no better time to introduce a new galaxy than in Ahsoka, a show that reunites them.

Star Wars Is No Longer In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star map in Ahsoka.

In Ahsoka episode 2, “Toil and Trouble,” Morgan Elsbeth met the series’ villains Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati on the planet Seatos, where they used an ancient structure to unlock the star map Ahsoka took from a Nightsisters temple. The map revealed a location – and a path to get there – in another galaxy. Baylan called it the “Pathway to Peridea,” a fairy tale that Jedi younglings would tell each other. Despite rooting this reveal in Star Wars history, it breaks established canon. Nothing to this scale has ever been attempted in actual Star Wars canon, and certainly not on-screen.

Lucas’ phrasing of Star Wars taking place “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” was simple enough to entice viewers and separate the franchise’s otherworldly power from reality. But that phrase has grown to mean something literal, that it does take place in a galaxy far from the Milky Way. Lucasfilm toyed with exploring areas outside the known galaxy a few times before, most famously in the comic in which Han Solo and Chewbacca came to Earth in the Millennium Falcon. And then in Legends, there were the Yuuzhan Vong and some sporadic mentions of aliens, but again, nothing to this extent of literally introducing a new galaxy, one where Thrawn and Ezra are supposedly marooned.

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How Peridea & This New Galaxy Affects Star Wars’ Future

ahsoka review
Rosario Dawson in Ahsoka

Introducing a second galaxy and a planet apparently called Peridea is undoubtedly intriguing to all Star Wars fans, but it’s only the beginning. Tying this second galaxy to Morgan Elsbeth and the Nightsisters of Dathomir will give Star Wars the ability to explain the Nightsisters’ magic powers; up until now, there was no real plausible explanation for why a group of people on a random planet can use magic outside of the Force. Then there’s the purrgil, a space-faring species that somehow has the ability to traverse hyperspace; if Thrawn and Ezra are really in this second galaxy, is that where the purrgil came from? Is there power in this other galaxy that not only grants people magic powers but can also give animals the ability to jump into hyperspace?

Beyond story developments, this is a crucial moment for Star Wars. People have grown tired of the same story repeating over and over again, with the same characters, same villains, and same plot points – even the same planets; Tatooine can only appear so many times before it’s no longer the place that’s farthest from the center of the universe – so with the introduction of a new galaxy, Lucasfilm can take the franchise somewhere new. Dave Filoni is working on a movie that ties together all shows in The Mandalorian story arc; perhaps this is where it will take place. And if it doesn’t, there’s so much potential in opening up a new corner of the universe. Everyone’s questions from magic to ancient species like the Zeffo and Rakatan can potentially be answered in this second galaxy.

New episodes of Ahsoka release Tuesdays at 6pm PT on Disney+.

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